"I'll never forget the day I climbed to the top of the world with Hugo Searle, Carina Raiha, and Mingmar Sherpa.  For us it was one of glory and achievement few are privileged to share and reflect upon.  We summited in grand fashion, together as a team, a direct result of Hugo's leadership and expertise.  His fire fighting character came out as he guided us with equal parts confidence and charm, on an adventure like no other.  Rest assured he will do it again for you."

Peter Solie 2011

"I would recommend Hugo Searle to any one thinking of climbing in the Himalayan region. I have been on 2 expeditions with Hugo and found him to be very professional towards all members of an expedition regardless of experience and ability. This guy will help you expand your climbing skills and show you the ropes."

Martin McHugh. UK
Mt Pumori 2008
Mt Everest 2010


"I have attempted Everest once but failed to reach the summit. It's unfinished business, and when I go back again it will be with Hugo Searle - that's my best chance of summiting, it's as simple as that"

Ade Pettitt 2011


"Hugo Searle is an excellent team leader. He is organized, resourceful and he gets the job done efficiently. He also inspires confidence, which is absolutely necessary when an adventure becomes challenging, as it sometimes does. You definitely want him on your side."

P. Sohal (Wilderness canoeing enthusiast)

Quetico, Canada 2011