Bags Packed

Our bags are packed and goodbye's with family and friends are in full swing. The team will begin flying to Kathmandu in the next day or two.
Depending on where your travel from, flights to Kathmandu can involve several flights and up to 40 hours in the airport/airplane merry-go-round. Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed that all the bags reach Kathmandu with the climbers.

Climbing Team

In the next few days we hope to tell you more about each of the climbers and Sherpas that are on our expedition. Once again our team is led by Hugo Searle, a veteran of many Himalayan expeditions and an Everest summiter.
Our climbers are:
TA Loeffler
Ade Pettitt
Amit Kotecha
Bill Driggs
Our Sherpa team are:
Karma Sherpa
Jangbu Sherpa
Chewang Karma Sherpa
Pemba Nima Sherpa
Nima Tenji Sherpa

Everest Expedition 2016 Begins

The High Adventure Expeditions' Sherpa team has been at Everest basecamp for a week now. They've been building tent platforms and setting up our basecamp tents. This is hard work. Basecamp is on a glacier that is covered in rocky moraine. The glacier moves and from year to year it changes so much that new tent platforms need to be excavated by chipping at the ice, moving stones and boulders and laying flat stones to create work areas or walls.

Raising Money on Everest

Over the years I suspect that millions of dollars (or pounds) have been raised by climbers on Mt Everest. Individuals and whole teams have dedicated their efforts towards charitable goals. What a great idea! 
It would be an interesting exercise to see what kind of an impact these fundraising efforts have had on their charities. To follow the money and see examples of how the tremendous efforts put forth by climbers have translated into good and amazing things being done around the world.

Picture of the Week

The Lhotse Face on Mount Everest is steep. 

Here we are climbing on the very hard clacier ice and it looks like we're headed straight up to the sun!

Happy Feet Mountaineering in Canada

High Adventure Expeditions works closely with our partners in Nepal: Happy Feet Mountaineering. This past month, their leader and a former climbing partner of Hugo's, Ngima Dendi Sherpa has been visiting Canada.
Dendi was in Vancouver and Nelson BC. He is returning to Kathmandu on Thursday. We wish Dendi safe travels and hope he had a great time in Canada.

Are You Ready to Tackle Everest?

Check out this website from Winfield Outdoors, it has a lot of information about how to prepare for an Everest expedition.
If you think you're ready, contact us for more details on our Everest expedition next spring - 2016.

Earthquake Response

The earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th has caused terrible tragedy to befall a beautiful, historic nation.

Nepal Earthquake

Yesterday a huge earthquake hit Nepal. It was the strongest earthquake for more than 80 years. Many Nepalis have feared for years that a big quake was coming, their worst fears now confirmed. News organizations are reporting over 2000 fatalities, but that number is sure to rise. Hundreds of buildings have collapsed and many more have been so badly damaged that they will need to be razed. Climbers on Everest and other mountains have been hit by avalanches caused by the earthquake. There are many fatalities being reported from Everest basecamp and many more injured.

Himalayan Times Editorial on Nepali Government Mistakes

The Himalayan Times ( a Nepali newspaper) has written an editorial castigating the Nepali government for their bureaucratic failing to provide a clear process for honoring 2014 Everest climbing permits and providing leadership and a "road map" for moving climbing safety and security forward in the Everest region and beyond. The country of Nepal and the economy of the Khumbu region stand to lose huge amounts of tourist/climber money this year. To any outsider looking in, this situation would be laughable if it didn't affect so many people.


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