They fly in from India, Australia, Europe and the Americas. The journeys can last 2 hours or over 50. Travelers from the Midwest in the US have an interesting decision to make in their travel plans: which way round the world do they go?

Because Nepal is almost exactly on the opposite side of the world from the Midwest some will fly across the Pacific and go via Bangkok or Hong Kong. Others will fly east through the Gulf.

Expedition Begins

We're finally here!  Its time for another expedition!!
The Five Peaks Expedition has begun.  Right now Hugo, Brad, Doug, Lottie and Ade have begun their journeys to Kathmandu. It can take two days of travelling to reach Nepal, or less if you're coming from Hong Kong (like Doug).  Once we have all arrived in Kathmandu we'll begin regular blog updates on the expedition, starting with bio's on everyone and some information on the mountains we'll be climbing.
Check our latest Twitter update to see a picture or the expedition T shirt.

T Shirts

High Adventure Expeditions has a few T shirts for sale.  They are black and $20.  Picture to follow.
Also, today the T shirts for the Five Peaks Expedition arrived.  Look for a picture of this shirt being worn in Kathmandu next week!!

Time to Get Ready

Its that time of year when climbers who will be heading to the Himalayas in a couple of months get serious about making sure they're ready to go.

Reaching for the Summit

In a recent article for St Louis Park Magazine, High Adventure Expeditions' leader Hugo Searle described how firefighting and mountain climbing share some of the same sets of skills.  To read more check out:

Only 2 spots left for Five Peaks

High Adventure Expeditions like to run small group adventures and our new trip "Five Peaks" is no exception.  With only a few months left before we head into the Himalayas we only have 2 spots left on this expedition.  Contact us ASAP if you're interested.

Can I hike to Everest Basecamp?

Do you think I can make the hike to Everest Basecamp?  I hear this question a lot from aspiring adventurers.  Unfortunately it is rarely a yes or no answer; it is often complicated and individualized and I sometimes see the questioner's eyes glaze over before I'm done answering.
If you're thinking about making this amazing and adventurous trek it is obviously a question that you should ask and one that you should listen to the answer to.  So perhaps I can turn it into a yes or no question after all...

Not Three, But Five

After careful planning High Adventure Expeditions has put together one of the most amazing trekking/climbing itineraries ever.  We were planning a new adventure called the Three Peaks Expedition, but we have changed it to the Five Peaks Expedition.  Check it out.  4 weeks, 5 peaks, 2 passes and 1000 photos.

Three Peaks Trekking

If you're thinking about heading to Nepal to do some trekking, or to climb one of the smaller mountains, stay tuned.  High Adventure Expeditions is partnering again with Happy Feet Mountaineers to present a new trekking/climbing expedition.  We will be leading a trek to Everest Basecamp, but along "the way" we will scale three peaks.  Details are still being worked out and there will be a page on this website describing this adventure very soon - check back!

May 19th - Summits

The Sherpa team that was fixing the ropes finished their job yesterday and the team summited.  Now the rest of the climbers from the many expeditions still on the mountain will begin their summit attempts.
News is leaking out that several teams are summiting as I write this.  We have no news on Pasang and her attempt and as soon as we here something, we'll post it.
This is a very exciting time, but also a dangerous one, so fingers crossed for all the climbers.


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