About Us

HA Expeditions began in 1996 as a vehicle for us to explore the world. Originally it was just Hugo and a few friends going to South America, then Africa, then Tibet, Canada and Alaska. Now HA Expeditions specializes in arranging and operating small, well run adventurous trips to places near and far. Customization is our strength.

Mission Statement

We don't have a mission statement, instead we offer a quote. This was written by the late Charles Houston and says it better than we can:

"Why climb mountains? The answer cannot be simple. It is compounded of such elements as the great beauty of clear, cold air, of colors beyond the ordinary, of the lure of unknown regions beyond the rim of experience. The pleasure of physical fitness, the pride of conquering a steep and difficult rock, the thrill of danger, danger controlled by skill are also there."

"How can I phrase what seems to me the most important reason of all. It is the chance to be briefly free of the small concerns of our common lives, to strip off non-essentials, to come down to the core of life itself: food, shelter, friends. These are the essentials. These plus faith and purpose and a deep and unrelenting determination."

"On great mountains, all purpose is concentrated on the single job at hand. Yet the summit is... but a token of success. And the attempt is worthy in itself. It is for these reasons that we climb. And in climbing, find something greater than accomplishment."